I coach mortgage originators to surpass success and reduce daily efforts through my simplified business baseline, propelling them into national top One Percenter status.


Surpass Success

With a history in competitive sports, and the youngest of five siblings, I know what it’s like to work to stand out. Now, as a father of three very talented little ladies, I know more than ever how important it is to be accountable and plan my time accordingly. 

That’s how I’ve succeeded in this industry for so long. I currently have 20 years of residential mortgage experience. I’m active in the mortgage origination trenches, and I am a 1% in the nation. I have helped hundreds advance their careers with my simplified mortgage business model, The One Percenter. My mission is to coach mortgage originators to a higher production level while reducing daily efforts, developing them into top one percenters in the nation.



20 Years of Experience

Featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine in 2020, Modern Luxury Chicago Power Player, and recently as a top player in Phoenix AZ.

1 Billion Funded

In my twenty years of originating loans, I have helped over 2300 clients and funded over One Billion in mortgage loans.

100  Mortgage Originators

I have coached hundreds of mortgage originators to a higher production level through my simplified business model.


One-On-One Coaching

The One Percenter

My simplified business model to surpass success in residential mortgage lending. The quickest route to victory is a proven roadmap to building better relationships, increasing industry referral types, gaining control of your mindset, and building a unique personal brand within an oversaturated space. The One Percenter is about providing real-world examples of proven business models, giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Group Courses

If you're ready to scale your originators' production, increase your value as a company to your LOs, and simplify their business structure for increased closings, book a call right now!

Event Speaking

Are you looking to avoid misleading lessons from unqualified ‘professionals’? Book now for your next event and get profound in-the-trenches guidance, proven models, and tested structure to surpass success!

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Take out the guesswork to break mortgage origination complexity and maximize success.


As a team of loan officers, we were thrilled to discover the One Percenter course, as it was just what we sought. Coach Anthony provided us with a unified framework, invaluable strategies, and a shared language to elevate our performance as a team. The comprehensive content and practical insights empowered us to align our efforts, improve collaboration, and achieve exceptional results. The One Percenter course exceeded our expectations and has become an essential resource for our team's continued growth and success in the mortgage industry.

The Opulus Mortgage Team - MA

The One Percenter course has been a lifeline for me as a loan officer who felt lost and desperately needed a clear path to success. Since completing the course, I've experienced a tremendous career transformation, streamlining my workflow, attracting better referral partners, and closing more deals. I highly recommend the One Percenter course to anyone seeking a game-changing roadmap to success in the mortgage industry.

Teddy K - IL

As a seasoned loan officer with 25 years of experience, the One Percenter course has been a game-changer. The strategies and techniques I learned have transformed my business, resulting in remarkable improvements in my results. I highly recommend this course to any loan officer, regardless of experience level. It's a true game-changer.

Josh D - AZ